Marketing Your Photography (or getting your work/name out there)


I have been refocused as of late on sales and marketing. Or put another way, getting my photographs (and name) out there for others to see and purchase.I have established a “web presence”  (this blog, website, facebook and flickr) but that is not enough and  even on the internet my visibility has been limited. Marketing/selling my work has not really been my strength so far (my wife is much better at it). I enjoy creating the images too much and need to discipline myself to work at the marketing part.  Not that I haven’t had plenty of ideas, but I need to pick specific ones and go after them. Ideas have ranged from magazine articles to photo competitions to door to door selling at businesses to art fairs to galleries, etc.

While refocusing on marketing ideas I have slowed down the amount of shooting I do. In addition, I haven’t been posting as many blog entries as you might have noticed. There is only so much time outside of my day job;-)

Not sure this blog entry is of much general interest, but just thought I would share where I was at now days. If you have marketing ideas that really worked for you that you would like to share (or maybe not) feel free to post them as a comment.

Blog image: A circular swipe of a cluster of beautiful flowers in the front yard of a home in Port Townsend WA where my wife and I just celebrated our 31st anniversary.

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