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A Tree Revisited

One of my favorite HDR nature images is one I took late last fall (early winter) of a tree surrounded by frosty blue-green grass. I have gone by that tree a couple times since. Finally I went by a couple weeks ago while the trees were blooming. The top blog image is a new HDR of that tree with spring colors all around. The second image is the original image shot in the fall. I find that I really like both of these images. As I noted before, good subjects are worth revisiting many times.

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As you may have notice several of the image I shot in the orchards were shot at sunrise. Sunrise is an excellent time to find great images. Throw in a little fog or mist and you are in heaven. It is often this mist or fog that distinguishes sunrise from sunset shots. I have included a couple more images shot at sunrise in this blog. The top image shows the fairy tale look you can get with a little mist. In the second image the mist spreads the red glow from the sun all around. In the final image the fog highlights the morning sun rays.

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