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Ocean view

As many of you may have noticed I have been featuring quite a few iPhone images on my blog and Facebook page recently. That is due to the fact the I have not had the time as of late to get out and shoot using my full set of gear – it has truly had to be “Photography Along the Way”. As I have noted many times, it is not the gear you have but the eye behind the gear. One reason I keep shooting with the eye phone is to keep my eye sharp. As with many things, practice is key to honing your skills.

While walking along the beach with my daughter I looked up and saw this solitary person standing on the ridge. Landscapes with a single standout element like this are great opportunities for a strong image. The sky was dramatic as well. Having my trusty iPhone with me I was able to capture the moment. While I have been able to do this in the past with other point and shoot digital cameras I haven’t been able to process them in the camera to the extent I can with an iPhone. You now have a camera and virtual darkroom with you all the time.

Blog image: iPhone image shot with HDRPro and processed as BW image using Iris app. With an app like HDRPro you can capture such a broad range of light – it really lets you keep those bright clouds in check like you never could before in the middle of the day.

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