Now and then we just pause and contemplate life. When we do, we often fixate on an object or stare into the distance. Where am I going? Where is life taking me? Is it going where I want? What lens should I buy next?

To me, each of these blog images have a sense of contemplation, each with a different feel. The first image is calming and neutral emotionally. The heron staring in the distance and the overall blue tones support this calm feel.

The second image is a bit more negative emotionally and moody. A hole or dip in the ground, the burned in edges and the black and white processing add to this feel.


And the third image is more warm, optimistic and refreshing. Can’t you feel the balmy air soothing your soul. The strong warm tones and the familiar subject matter of breaking waves give the image a positive energy.


Color, light and subject matter all impact the viewer. Sometimes it will be different than yours, but often a common or shared subject and/or experience like the ocean at sunset is a good way to strike a common emotional chord.

Life as with these images can sometimes be the pits, just flowing along or bright and optimistic. I hope you are getting to experience some of the latter!

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