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I know I promised part two of my blog on Framing and Matting, but before I do, I just wanted to share a little more iPhonegraphy (as it is being called). For me iPhoneogrphy is just another way to create images along the way and where you are at – that is my overall primary message in this blog. iPhones just provide a convenient way to have a reasonable quality camera with you all the time.


This past week I arrived a bit early at the San Jose airport on a return trip home. Not having my camera gear with me I decided to make the best of it and shoot a few iPhone images. I have included a couple here.


Blog Images:

  1. I waited a bit on this first image for people to be in good locations – balanced. In this case I got lucky and only one person was left facing into the scene – click!
  2. Looking up, I liked the lines and colors of this cool ceiling. I framed the picture to create a strong diagonal and keep and odd number of lights.
  3. The last two images I played with the “Slow Shutter” app again and with 1-2 sec shots took images of people’s feet stepping in and out of the frame. The patterns in the flooring allowed me to create interesting backgrounds. I braced the iPhone against a pillar, but wasn’t able to keep the background as sharp as I would have liked (needed a tripod). None the less the images came out very intriguing.


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