Fall Orchards


Can you resist an orchard on a foggy day? I know I can’t. On the way to work this past week I noticed there was a nice fog in the local orchards (I vary my drive many days just so I can see what is happening in different areas). No matter how many times I shoot in the orchards I find there is always some composition I haven’t tried before.

Blog_20101116_4 Do you have some subject you shoot over and over? Do you press your self to come up with something new and different? Some times it can be really hard (frustrating even) and other times it just flows. This particular day was somewhere in the middle. In some ways it can be like exercise, some days its easier than others. But either way you come out stronger  and maybe feeling better.


These image were all taken that morning.


Blog Images:

  1. Looks straight forward but I did use a focal composite (in CS5) to get the detailed depth and compressed view I wanted.
  2. This is a simple slightly wide field shot – 35mm focal length equivalent.
  3. This shot had a Polariad Transfer filter applied to if from Nik’s Color Efx Pro during post processin.
  4. As always, I have to grab a pan shot to add to my Seasonal Immersions portfolio.
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  1. Terry Olsen November 25, 2010 at 8:59 am #

    Very nice shots. I particularly like the one with the Polaroid Transfer filter. I also revisit the same places to photograph since I don't often has the chance to travel. I also agree that some days it flows and other days it seems near impossible to find a decent image.

  2. Stacey November 25, 2010 at 9:55 am #

    Thnaks Terry for the kind words. I really think revisiting the same places helps us grow as photographers and stretch to see things in new ways. I think a lot of us out there don't travel near as much as we might like so learning to create and see subjects near us is where it is at.

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