Azalea Blooms – Updated


I haven’t had much time to write lately, but here is a overlay shot of Azalea blooms. It was taken in my yard of a bush that bloomed better this year then ever before.  I wanted to capture it in a way that conveyed the profusion of blooms. This overlay consists of two shots. The first, a 9 multiple exposure moving the camera around to fill all the frame. The second shot is a straight shot filled with blooms. I then blended the two to taste in camera using Nikon’s “Overlay”.

Update: I decided it might be useful if I added the two source images that were blended. One reason to blend these two images is to fill the black holes you get with rhodies and azaleas.

The single shot image:Blog_20100530_1-2

The 9 exposure:Blog_20100530_1-3

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