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I don’t know about you but I hate picking out backpacks and camera bags. Finding the one that exactly fits your needs or what you think you need seems more difficult than it should. Maybe its just me, but I suspect not. What makes me bring this up? Well I have been adding and upgrading equipment over the past year and my current packs just don’t hold what I need. So for what its worth here are my thoughts on the subject.

  1. You have the ask yourself how do I really use my packs? Do I hike for yards, miles or tens of miles? Do I hike to one location and shoot or shoot a lot along the way.
  2. How much gear do I really want to carry? What is the real minimum. I encourage you to load a pack up with what you think you want and try carrying it around a little – you may rethink your decision.
  3. Do I need multiple bags or packs? The answer is almost always yes. There will likely be at least one with what you use all the time and one with lens or such you use infrequently. You may also end up with a smaller pack and a bigger one.
  4. If you do need a pack that can hold a lot, get one with good back support. This is probably the most important factor when getting a large pack.
  5. If you go on even modest outdoor hikes 1-5 miles, make sure there is a way to carry water or food and a mini survival kit.
  6. Other questions you may need to ask are: Do I go out in the rain? Is security an issue? Do I use a laptop in the field? Can it hold my tripod?

There is not shortage of choices out there, but you will be surprised how that don’t make the one you had envisioned!

Early on I read one photographer’s notes on this topic and he noted that you will end up with an amazing number of bags and packs over the years – I think he said something about a closet full!

Blog Image: Shot this image here in my home town last week while working with a couple students. It was near sunset. The image was post processed with ColorEfx Pro using the Color Contrast filter and then through SilverEfx Pro with high structure, a red filter and a little vignette.

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