Spring Continues to Flourish


As I have noted in a couple of blogs, spring is here in the Northwest. It has been progressing faster than I would like. It can get frustrating as you see things come and go before you get all the shots you would like. Especially when you have another daytime job.  If you miss some bloom, you know it will be another year before it comes again. Or maybe you did get in a shot, but it didn’t quite come out like you wanted – maybe you will get to redo it next year – if you remember. I am not complaining, but I thought I would share one of the feelings you experience as a photographer. I suspect this is a common one.

Fortunately there is quite a string of blooming subjects around here in spring so you can’t dwell on what you missed, but look forward to what is still coming.

For the last  blog shot I broke the rules, but I think it still works. It is not only  out of focus, but completely out of focus  not a single sharp point – bet you know what they are. This images is an impression – showing only abstracted shapes, lines and color.


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