Spring Cathedral


Blog_20100227_1As I probably said last year, spring is one of those great times for photography: a lot of color, subjects everywhere and it is spring! Here are a couple of images trying to capture the excitement and beauty of spring.





A couple of suggestions:

  1. Use a polarizer to saturate the color.
  2. Shoot just after rain or when things are wet to bring out the color even more.
  3. Diffused light from a cloud cover is often best – but not always (you might want blue skies).
  4. Experiment and have fun.

You may have noticed these are similar to my fall color suggestions.



Blog images:

1) Mirrored image with a bit of Nik Glamour Glow. Nice surprise cross in the image.

2) 9 exposures pivoting the camera slightly on a point on the tree trunk.

3) Just a straight shot. My favorite of the set.

4) 9 exposures moving the camera up and down slightly between exposures.

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