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I have been busy this week getting eCommerce setup on my primary website which has kept me from blogging. While the website tool I have been using, LRG Complete, supports eCommerce, there is still a bit to get setup and tested. There is basic print pricing structure, shipping and handling price models, Paypal accounts, etc. to setup. So after playing in my PayPal Sandbox I am ready to officially offer a small set of Special Edition prints. I have selected a subset of my Autumn Immersions portfolio for this initial offering. The initial prints are archival quality 6″x9″ prints that have been initialed by me and mounted in 11×14 acid free mats. I will be adding larger sizes and “Limited Edition” prints in the near future. For a mere $30 plus shipping and handling and can own one of these images. Sorry for the shameless self-promotion, but hey I am trying to run a business. To order go to my website and first read the directions found under the ‘Purchase’ tab. You can place the order via PayPal or email (to pay by check).

The opening blog image is from the Autumn Immersions offering. If you click on it you can go directly to the Autumn Immersions gallery. Some of the images have been previously posted on this blog so they might look familiar.

Finally here is a little blurb on the Autumn Immersions portfolio.

Autumn Immersions is all about immersing ones self in the splendor of fall colors and lines. The term immersion has its roots in the act of baptism. This outward act symbolizes the inward change that has taken place – death to the old life and reemergence to the new. In the same way the outward change of nature in fall represents the inward “death” that is taking place in the plants before winter with the promise of new life in the spring. While the root of the term immersion is in the act of baptism, it can more generally reflect the concept of submerging or plunging something into a fluid. These images appear as if they were submerged in a fluid and pulled out – streaking the image. I hope you enjoy them.

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  1. kalani January 25, 2010 at 5:18 am #

    can you write "To the Hawaiian Hunk of Love" on mine? beautiful prints. hope lots of people are lucky enough to find these images and get to hang at least one on their wall :). good luck!

  2. Stacey January 25, 2010 at 4:32 pm #

    Just let me know where you want me to write that when you place your order;-)

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