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Well this past week I had to deal with the big fear we all have – a computer hard disk crash – main drive. Fortunately knowing that I am trying to build a business based on images, I had adopted a backup strategy sometime ago. The thing that made me nervous was that I had just changed my approach and the final piece, remote site backup, was in the process of being updated. On the good news side everything is fine and my images, email, etc were preserved. I use Genie Backup Manager for my backups and it has worked like a charm during the restore process. I could write quite a bit about picking your backup software, but I won’t. Instead I will remind you all of some key things to keep in mind for your backup strategy.

  1. Have a backup strategy!
  2. It is best to have 3 copies of your images: hard disk, CD, DVD, etc.
  3. Automate it as much as possible. It is easy to forget or put off manual backups.
  4. Having some form of off site backup is important because of fire, flood, etc.
  5. Remember these images are or will be a primary source of income (or maybe they are just irreplaceable family photos).
  6. Don’t skimp on cost for your backup.

Personally I have an external drive that mirrors my main image drive plus another drive I keep off site. I am also looking at one of the online backup services.

If you want to know more about backup strategies and approaches there are lots of websites focused on that topic.
I have included a couple “preserved” images in this blog. I would have hated to loose them! These image also demonstrate that you can find a good subject anywhere. This dandelion was in the lawn next to our campsite a couple years back – a pristine one for sure. The red in the background of the first image was from a small cooler I set behind it.
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