Fall Photography

It is that beautiful time of year known as fall. One of those times when the world becomes a candy store for a photographer. There are images waiting to be captured everywhere it seems. But how many times have you gotten your fall photographs back and they just don’t capture the magic. Well here are a few tips I have learned over the years:

  1. Use a polarizer to bring out those colors and remove that washed out glare from the sky (even on a cloudy day). This is one filter effect you can’t recreate afterwards in Photoshop. If you want fall colors with deep blue skies you need this filter. All of the blog images where shot with a poloarizer.
  2. Shoot on a cloudy day right after the rain – the colors are very saturated under these conditions, but again make sure you use a polarizer to get the glare off those wet leaves. See above image.
  3. Underexpose a little in some cases (1/3 – 1 stop) – underexposure saturates colors.
  4. Look for a splash of one color surrounded by another to create impact. See first blog image.
  5. Look for structure to hang your fall colors on. See next image.
  6. Windy day – experiment with long exposures. The next image was shot at 1.6 sec to allow the wind to create the fall “fire”.

As always have fun!

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