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While I am finishing up my prints for submission to the Vally Arts gallery (my favorite is the blog image), I thought I would make a few comments about this blog. I began writing this blog at the beginning of the year as a way to share my experience and thoughts as a photographer. It is a good way practice writing and present some of my work to a broader audience. But it is also way to teach others what I have learned so along the way some entries will be more of a tutorial nature. If you are reading a blog entry or looking at the attached images and have questions, feel free to ask about how, where, when, etc. they were made. I will be glad to share. I know over the past few months there are been several hundred visitors so I know you are out there. Feel free to jump in, ask questions and share your own experiences.
Only five more days before I submit my prints to the gallery for a jury review. Hopefully they make it in. I did go with a set of impressionistic images as you can tell.

Side note: I am finding as William Neil points out in his latest Outdoor Photography column that impressionistic images look best as large prints.
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