Beauty in the Mist


This past weekend my wife and I took a little get away and caught one of those rare sunny and warm January/February days on the Oregon coast. It was pleasant and there was really good wave action. As late afternoon came on with the ocean just past high tide the table was set for a beautiful evening shoot. I had been wanting to do more experiments with long exposures and so I put on my variable ND filter. The results are what you see here.


All of the exposures were 3-6 sec long at f22. While the images look very good at this size they aren’t quite as perfectly sharp as I would have liked. There was a strong wind that was creating quite a bit of vibration in the tripod and camera (even with a large Gitzo Systematic tripod). I was able to keep one hand on a tripod leg to damp out the vibration but there is still some there (didn’t have a good weight handy). The other thing that comes with wind by the ocean is a steady fine mist that gets on your filter all the time. I had to constantly clean the filter (have lots of micro clothes handy for these conditions).


As you may have noticed, I love to mix and blend colors within my images using movement – movement of the camera, textured glass, or the subject itself. This was just another way to get that mixing and the colors are wonderful.


Do you have a favorite?  Let me know.

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