Seasonal Immersions Prints

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Website_Firs in the Fog.jpgWebsite_Plum Blossoms at Dawn.jpgWebsite_Fall Forest Floor.jpgWebsite_Fields of Spring.jpgWebsite_Autum Impression.jpgWebsite_Autumn Firs.jpgWebsite_Auturm Wetland Grass.jpgWebsite_Cherry Trees in the Mist.jpgWebsite_Leaves and Trees.jpgWebsite_Forsythia Farm.jpgWebsite_Gold on Silver.jpgWebsite_Rainbow Bed.jpgWebsite_Rhodadendrun Pallete.jpgWebsite_Sorbaria Stem.jpgWebsite_Tree Nursery in Fall.jpgWebsite_Vineyard Trees.jpgWebsite_Wetland Grasses.jpgWebsite_Winter Woods on David Hill.jpg

Seasonal Immersions is all about immersing ones self in the colors and lines of the seasons. The term immersion has its roots in the act of baptism. This outward act symbolizes the inward change that has taken place – death to the old life and reemergence to the new. In the same way the outward change of nature in fall represents the inward “death” that is taking place in the plants before winter with the promise of new life in the spring. While the root of the term immersion is in the act of baptism, it can more generally reflect the concept of submerging or plunging something into a fluid. These images appear as if they were submerged in a fluid and pulled out  – streaking the image.