Floral Fusions Prints

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A Brush with SunflowersEmerging FushciaChives in TransitionGlorious FusionIce Cold LilliesKaffir Lily BlendLupine DiffusionPoppy SubmersionTulip MedleyTwo Iris DewWindblown Poppy

As an artist, there are times when nothing seems to inspire you or get you excited about practicing your art form. I was in such a state of mind one winter when I began work on Floral Fusions. While I had worked before with textured glass and flowers it had always been with static single shot images. That one winter afternoon it occurred to me that I could take the creative process a step further. I could try camera movement during the exposures as I have done for my Seasonal Immersion work, or begin to move the textured glass during the exposure.

Deciding to use window light, I set up a table and reflectors so that I had nice even lighting. I then set my shutter speed slow enough to allow me time to move the textured glass during the exposure. As I tried moving the glass in one direction, then the next, turning it, spinning it, placing it between flowers, shooting multiple exposures, etc., I became very excited about the resulting look and the blending (fusion) of the flowers and glass. The body of work you see here is the result. It evolved over several shooting sessions with different flowers, glass textures and glass movements.

As with almost all digital images today the images have been post processed for tonality and color. Some images are a blend of one or more exposures. The brush like “strokes” in the image are purely the result of the glass movement. I hope you enjoy them.